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30 Tab
Our unique product for cats. Mainly for DJD. Contains Bio active Deer Velvet

Our unique product for cats. Contains Bio Active Deer Velvet, Green Lipped Mussel and dry Eel.  The Eel provides high level of unsaturated fatty acids, including omega 3, 6 and 7, which are very important for cats DJD.

Primarily use for DJD and post orthopedic surgery.

350 mg x 30 palatable tablets for cats
Cats are not small dogs
For the following conditions:
Arthritis /Osteoarthritis/degenerative joint disease; Hip dysplasia; Elbow dysplasia; Vertebral disease; Vertebral disc prolapse, Cruchiate ligament rupture; liver protection; Anemia; wound recovery; orthopedic and other surgical recovery; listlessness
The need for this product has risen recently, as new research shows a very high percentage of cats (over 80% above age 10 years old) suffering from arthritis. Cats in addition need fatty acids.
210 mg pure bio-active deer velvet
70 mg freeze-dried eel
40 mg green lipped mussel
15 mg ginseng
GLUCOSEAMINOGLICANS (GAGs) – Builds cartilage and acts as a natural pain killer
HYALURONIC ACID – Lubricates the joints
PENTOCRAINE – Natural pain killer
ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS – Aspartic acid; Glycine; Argenin; Alanine; Glutamic acid; Serine; Histadine; isolestine; Lesitin; Serine; Tyrosine; Phenylalanin; Lisine
MINERALS – Calcium; Iron; Selenium; Potassium; Sulphur; Copper; Magnesium; Phosphorus; Zinc
GROWTH FACTORS – Insulin growth factor; Epidermal growth factor; Bone morphogenetic protein; Fibroblast growth factor; Nerve growth factor; Platelet derived growth factor; Transforming growth factor; Chondrocite growth factor; Essential fatty acids, including OMEGA 3 & 6
Eel contains high quality, unsaturated fatty acids including omega 3, 6 & 7. Unlike dogs, cats need omega 7 in addition to omega 3 & 6. The unsaturated fatty acids are very important for improving arthritis in cats and will dramatically improve their coats.
Well known as a natural anti inflammatory has synergistic effects with Deer Velvet for the treatment of Arthritis condition. Green Lipped Mussel has hay level off GAGs & Essential Fatty acid
The most important remedy in CHM gives better distribution, improving general health & recovery from illness.